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We are excited to feature our designer Brittany Meidinger’s townhouse transformation in this month’s blog! Here's what Brittany had to share about this project: This latest project was done for my client, Becky, who recently moved into this townhome. Her goal was to make it more unique to her taste by incorporating shades of gray, glam and vintage pieces. She wanted to create a feminine space that is both comfortable for her and her dogs as well as a great spot for entertaining. Becky was a dream to work with! She rarely questioned my ideas or direction. Becky and I developed a great friendship as we created a space unique to her. I really do get the most joy from meeting and working with my clients. Becky was no exception! We decided the design direction would be an eclectic mix of vintage, rustic & glam. Although we did this project all at one time, we wanted it to feel as though it was collected over time. Becky had several existing vintage pieces we incorporated in the new design. I love the challenge of working with items that a client loves and has meaning to them! Living Room Before: Living Room After: Lighter & Brighter Living Room The first thing we did was re-paint the yellow walls! We gave the entire room a refresh just by adding a soft warm gray paint color to the walls (Requisite Gray, Sherwin Williams). This gave us a beautiful neutral space to work our magic in!   We replaced the carpet with dark hardwood flooring. This opens up the space and provides a beautiful rich warm tone to the room. Now it was time to dress our [...]


Meet our Designer Kelsey Gray! Kelsey has been with Interior Impressions for 3 years.  We are thrilled to feature Kelsey and one of her current projects in this month’s blog! Kelsey, where did you grow up? I was born in St Paul and grew up in Arden Hills How many siblings do you have? I have one older sister, Jena Are you married or single?  Children? I am single and no children. What inspired you to pursue a career as an Interior Designer? I've always been interested in interior design. I was always rearranging my bedroom growing up. My parents are both in creative fields, so it's always been a part of my life. I didn't really have an “ah ha” moment. I believe it was just sewn into me from the beginning! What makes you unique or in other words how do you stand out in a room full of interior designers? Most people don't fall into one design style. They like a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Often it's when they've gotten frustrated trying to mix styles on their own that they seek our help as designers. I can't even count how many times I've told clients that they are not alone! There is a fine line between hodgepodge and eclectic. I'm here to keep you on the eclectic side of that line! Anyone can go into a furniture store and buy a matching room set. That's no fun! Who wants to live in a furniture showroom? I ask lots of questions to get to the root of what my clients want both functionally and aesthetically. From there, I put a mix together that tells their story.  I resonate [...]


We’ve spent a lot of time showcasing projects Amy has been working on.  We decided it's time you meet some of our other designers and feature their amazing projects too.  We LOVE our designers at Interior Impressions!   We wouldn’t be here without this amazing team! Today we are featuring Brittany Meidinger and her tips for creating a simple yet amazing kitchen transformation. Brittany, where did you grow up? I grew up in Moose Lake, MN.  It’s a small town near Duluth. Are you married or single?  Children? I am not married and do not have kiddos. What inspired you to pursue a career as an Interior Designer? It was always my dream growing up to do Interior Design. I loved going to model homes as a kid. I was always curious to see what my friend's houses looked like (and then would re-arrange their living rooms or decor). When I was probably 11 or 12 I watched the TV series "Trading Spaces" and realized that design/decorating was an actual career! I decided to pursue my dream job and have been working with Interior Impressions ever since. I've been with Interior Impressions for 5 years!  I am very grateful for the opportunities Amy has given me...and to be working with such an awesome team! :)  What is your favorite design style?  This is a tough one, but my personal design style is probably along the lines of what the Kardashian's homes look like - a bit dramatic, black and white, antique mirrors, fun wallpapers, but I also love antiques and bold pops of color. The great part about being an Interior Designer is that I get to work with everyone's style and taste. I love doing shabby chic cottage looks, rustic/vintage/glam design, modern farmhouse, or [...]


I recently had the pleasure of working with an absolutely delightful family that had moved to MN from the Raleigh, NC area due to a job transfer to 3M. They bought a lovely home in the Powers Lake neighborhood of Woodbury. Their new home had great structure and personality, but it was ready for some updates and needed a touch of this family's vibrant personality!  They really like color, which made me very excited because so many clients are terrified of color and tend to stick to all neutrals. Even better, Shannon LOVES pink (insert my squeal with delight!!) I knew we were going to have a lot of fun with this project! One of the biggest challenges for this remodel was this large two story great room that featured a fireplace wall with a drab outdated tile surround and cabinetry that was screaming "update me please!" We also had the challenge of incorporating the client’s existing furniture which was a very pretty, but fairly bold denim blue color. I wanted to add color and vibrancy into the entire room without looking too crazy! Before:  Two Story Great Room  After:  Two Story Great Room FIREPLACE WALL As you can see in the before photos, this wall was begging to be updated! The tile surround was drab and the cabinetry needed some love.  The paint colors were a little dark and heavy. We began by updating the cabinetry. Woodworking by Chuck began by creating custom cabinetry to provide a seemless and more stable built-in television area. Then we had Chuck add a bar/entertaining area to the left of the fireplace. We added a built-in beverage center, custom wine rack and new quartz countertop.  It is now a beautiful [...]


This remodeling project is one of my favorites of all of the home transformations I've completed so far! It's not just because the transformation was so dramatic or because I had the opportunity to redesign almost every room in the entire house (every designers dream).  This was a favorite because this family has been so much fun to work with on top of everything else! Michelle and Joe came to me looking to update a model home that was just 5 years old.  It was a lovely home, but didn't have the finishes or the fresh, modern look that exemplified their styles.  I was a little intimidated at first because Michelle is a high-powered executive project manager and she likes to get things done fast and efficiently!  My first project with them was a whirlwind deck makeover which was a surprise Father's Day gift for her husband. She asked me if I could pull off having a pergola built, purchase all new furniture for the deck and have it all completed and in place while they were on vacation for a week.  She wanted to surprise him when they arrived back home!  We started planning only a few weeks before they left for vacation.  I was thinking "Please me pull this off or I don't think she'll want me to do the inside of the house!"  It was quite an adventure.  I felt like I was trying to pull off an HGTV makeover without any crew-members to help!  In the end it all came together beautifully.  It was one of the biggest adrenaline rushes I've had in this business.  At the end of this whirlwind deck transformation, the most important detail was that I [...]


Don't you just love your home during the holidays? The bright reds, greens, metallics and lights create a sense of wonder and delight.  Once the holidays are over it's time to pack up all the glitter and glam.  At first glance my home feels refreshingly open and clean, but then it begins to feel "blah".  This is the perfect time to look at your home as a blank slate!  It's time to get your creative groove on!  Ready, set, go.... RE-ARRANGE YOUR FURNITURE Yes, you can move your furniture!  It's not nailed to the ground is it?  Moving furniture into tighter seating arrangements adds a feeling of warmth and intimacy to a space.  Bringing in floor poufs or ottomans will fill any space gaps in the room as well as provide extra seating for guests. {Featured at Interior Impressions} ACCESSORIES ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND Accessories can make a huge impact without breaking the bank!   Toss pillows and throws are the easiest way to bring in color, texture and pattern to your room. {Pinterest} Layer pillows of different patterns, colors and textures.   Add a faux fur pillow or throw in the mix for instant coziness.  Pillows are not limited to the couch anymore!  Place pillows on a couple dining room chairs, on the bench in your entryway or mudroom, in that chair that sits alone in the corner and even a small one can sit on a bookshelf. {Houzz} {Houzz} Change up the accessories on your bookshelves and tables.  It's always fun to purchase a few new items to add a pop of color and interest.  You can also move around the things you already own and give the a fresh look just by changing their location. {Interior [...]

{What’s On Trend} 2016 Home Decor Trends

The Interior Impressions Design Team at High Point Market:  Kris, Amy, Kelsey and Brittany Every year the Interior Impressions Design Team and I travel to High Point, NC to attend the High Point Market.  High Point Market is a furnishing industry tradeshow that showcases new products and upcoming trends in home décor.  It is a trip we look forward to every time.  We like to call it Disneyland for Designers!  I am seriously like a kid in a candy store surrounded by all the luscious colors, beautiful fabrics and amazing furnishings!   This year’s trends are full of texture, florals, mixed metals, retro glam and beautiful colors!  Here are some of the trends that we picked up on from this fall's market: Textures Galore Menswear styles, herringbone, houndstooth, tweed, grasscloth, leather accents are just a few of the amazing textures that are hot for 2016!               Furs and Hides are still all the rage! We saw a lot of sheerling, alpaca wool, Mongolian fur, hair on hide and cowhide. Bedding: It’s all about comfort, texture and layering for your bedroom. Throw that formal matching set out! 2016 is all about layering soft textures and comfortable fabrics. Look for organic cotton, linen, softer colors, tone on tone and monochromatic color schemes instead of heavy weight comforters or a lot of silks and shiny textures. We sell a beautiful bedding line made from all organic hemp and cottons. Vist us to see the cozy and luxurious Bella Notte line! You’ll find that the texture theme plays out in furniture as well. Rustic Wood has replaced a polished wood finish when it comes to furniture and dining sets.   Choose upholstered dining chairs over wood. [...]


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays!  For me it is a day to gather friends and family around the table giving thanks for all we have, eating amazing food, watching football, engaging in lively conversations and creating memories that last a lifetime!  The table becomes the centerpiece of Thanksgiving and showcases your efforts in creating a space where your guests feel special.  I simply LOVE setting a beautiful table! Here are a few easy tips for you to create a Thanksgiving table that you love! PRODUCE & FLOWERS: Head to the produce section in the grocery stor.! Yep, I said produce as in fruits and veggies!  It's an easy way to incorporate color, texture and surprise in your table decor. TIP:  Combine fresh flowers and purple cabbage in a container for your centerpiece.  Create a hole in top of your cabbage and insert a small glass container to hold your flowers.  Use lettuce or cabbage leaves to wrap around glass candle holders and tie with ribbon or simple string.  I love the color and texture this brings to your table!  {Pinterest} TIP:  I love the reclaimed wood board used as the anchor of the centerpiece.  You could use any old weathered wood or even a new board you distress yourself!  Then add some simple greens, candles, gourds and fresh grapes.  Rustic Elegance!  {Pinterest} SCAVENGE YOUR BACKYARD - NATURAL ELEMENTS: Creating the centerpiece of the table can be as easy as grabbing your favorite container and filling it with the seasonal harvest of gourds, pumpkins and items from your own backyard.....think pinecones, acorns, berries, branches, twigs. TIP:  A galvanized steel tray brings a nostalgic feel to the table.  Fill it with pumpkins, gourds, berries, acorns, nuts [...]


As the days get shorter and we get closer to the long winter months, I tend to crave more light!  It's dark when I leave for work in the morning and dark again when I get home from work in the evening.    As an Interior Designer I am aware of how important interior lighting is to the design of homes as well as the energy of the homeowners!  This time of year it's especially important to bring more light into your home as the days get shorter. There are three main types of lighting in a home. Ambient Lighting (general lighting):  Ambient lighting provides an area with overall illumination.  This is a basic necessity for walking around, conversing with each other and identifying objects in essence keeping our environment safe. Task Lighting:  Task lighting provides a more concentrated source of lighting for tasks such as chopping vegetables, doing homework, shaving, reading, cooking and so forth. Accent Lighting:  Accent Lighting adds drama to a room by creating visual interest.  It is used to draw the eye to areas of interest like artwork, open shelves, and featured textures like glass tile or wallpaper. Ambient Lighting Natural light is one of the biggest sources of ambient lighting.  This gets tough for us in the Midwest with our dark, cloudy winter months.  However, a simple shift in window treatments can add more natural light into your space.   Instead of heavy curtains, opt for fixed panels that flank the window to allow the light in.  If privacy is a concern, add adjustable blinds for easy opening and closing.  TIP:  Fixed fabric panels flank the window to allow for more natural light to fill the room.   Paint choice is important too. [...]

{Holiday Entertaining} Hosting A Spooktacular Party

You know it's fall when the leaves begin to change color, the air has a chill to it and bonfires have a new purpose (we actually need the warmth of the fire).  It also means Halloween is just around the corner! Halloween is the first of several celebrations that lead us into the season of holiday entertaining. Usually Halloween falls on a weeknight and with that comes the mad rush from work to home, throwing dinner together, getting the children dressed in their costumes between answering the door to pass out "treats" to those early trick or treaters!  The good news is this year Halloween falls on a Saturday! Whether you have kids or not, this is a perfect time to host a Halloween gathering!  Typically Halloween is all about the kids....what if we "shake things up a bit" and claim a part of the weekend to celebrate Halloween Adult Style?  Count me IN! I hear from a lot of my clients and friends that the reason they don't host a party is because it's too much work or they don't have enough time.  My goal in writing this post is to give you a few easy tips to create a successful "spooktacular" Halloween party! Decor There is no need to go rummaging through your basement to dig out all the Halloween themed decor.     I love the idea of combining the natural elements of fall and Halloween to create a party with a rustic, elegant feel.  Reclaimed wood and barn wood are a great way to add texture and give your home an outdoor rustic feel.  To save money simply collect natural elements from your own backyard!  Natural grass, plants, branches from trees, pinecones, rocks and the addition [...]