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Don't you just love your home during the holidays? The bright reds, greens, metallics and lights create a sense of wonder and delight.  Once the holidays are over it's time to pack up all the glitter and glam.  At first glance my home feels refreshingly open and clean, but then it begins to feel "blah".  This is the perfect time to look at your home as a blank slate!  It's time to get your creative groove on!  Ready, set, go.... RE-ARRANGE YOUR FURNITURE Yes, you can move your furniture!  It's not nailed to the ground is it?  Moving furniture into tighter seating arrangements adds a feeling of warmth and intimacy to a space.  Bringing in floor poufs or ottomans will fill any space gaps in the room as well as provide extra seating for guests. {Featured at Interior Impressions} ACCESSORIES ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND Accessories can make a huge impact without breaking the bank!   Toss pillows and throws are the easiest way to bring in color, texture and pattern to your room. {Pinterest} Layer pillows of different patterns, colors and textures.   Add a faux fur pillow or throw in the mix for instant coziness.  Pillows are not limited to the couch anymore!  Place pillows on a couple dining room chairs, on the bench in your entryway or mudroom, in that chair that sits alone in the corner and even a small one can sit on a bookshelf. {Houzz} {Houzz} Change up the accessories on your bookshelves and tables.  It's always fun to purchase a few new items to add a pop of color and interest.  You can also move around the things you already own and give the a fresh look just by changing their location. {Interior [...]