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Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays!  For me it is a day to gather friends and family around the table giving thanks for all we have, eating amazing food, watching football, engaging in lively conversations and creating memories that last a lifetime!  The table becomes the centerpiece of Thanksgiving and showcases your efforts in creating a space where your guests feel special.  I simply LOVE setting a beautiful table! Here are a few easy tips for you to create a Thanksgiving table that you love! PRODUCE & FLOWERS: Head to the produce section in the grocery stor.! Yep, I said produce as in fruits and veggies!  It's an easy way to incorporate color, texture and surprise in your table decor. TIP:  Combine fresh flowers and purple cabbage in a container for your centerpiece.  Create a hole in top of your cabbage and insert a small glass container to hold your flowers.  Use lettuce or cabbage leaves to wrap around glass candle holders and tie with ribbon or simple string.  I love the color and texture this brings to your table!  {Pinterest} TIP:  I love the reclaimed wood board used as the anchor of the centerpiece.  You could use any old weathered wood or even a new board you distress yourself!  Then add some simple greens, candles, gourds and fresh grapes.  Rustic Elegance!  {Pinterest} SCAVENGE YOUR BACKYARD - NATURAL ELEMENTS: Creating the centerpiece of the table can be as easy as grabbing your favorite container and filling it with the seasonal harvest of gourds, pumpkins and items from your own backyard.....think pinecones, acorns, berries, branches, twigs. TIP:  A galvanized steel tray brings a nostalgic feel to the table.  Fill it with pumpkins, gourds, berries, acorns, nuts [...]